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The Revelation


US Roaster Corp strives to be forward thinking and provide the roasting industry with the highest efficiency roasters available. Not only is it important to be conscious of the environment, but also how does the coffee taste?

For the socially and environmentally concerned, US Roaster Corp has developed a responsible roaster called the Revelation. This line of roasters will surpass the toughest regulations for emissions and provide the best control over roasting with dual path heating and environmental controls that are not possible with conventional roasting systems. If you need smoke abatement and good controls, we are told the Revelation roaster is the only roaster that makes good business sense. More people with engineering degrees and C cupper licenses buy the Revelation than any other model we sell or rebuild.

We have ran several taste tastes including university backed studies, and the Revelation roaster out cupped the old cast iron classics using  2-1, same coffee, same color, same size roaster. You need to taste the coffee!

The taste of the coffee and the modern design with super duty build weighs twice what the other “green marketed” roaster. Parts are cut with Water Jet equipment to provide the best fit up of any roaster offered. Truly built and supported to last a life time.   

Lower your carbon footprint and do what is right for the environment. For more information on the first truly environmentally friendly and cost effective roaster on the planet, contact us today to work with a company who is interested in your success. You will be glad you made the smarter choice. Join dozens who enjoy using the best roaster on the market and the only one with better flavor that really pays for itself. Nothing roasts as good as the Revelation!