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We can provide several different styles of controls for the afterburners please let us work with you. Prices above are for ceiling mounted afterburners. For a floor mount or a roof mount there is an additional charge.
Afterburner with a painted outer surface with a burner chamber made of stainless we will deduct 10% from the price.
If you order an afterburner together with a profiler roaster, we can integrate the controls to the roaster's PLC. We will deduct $700.00 from the price above which included a separate control you will not need.
Features: Stainless steel with ceramic insulation. Complete with eyes for roof support. Floor models are available for a small additional charge. Good for 1300 degrees. Sizes are based off of normal fan flow on common roasters. Yours may need a bigger or smaller burner than what is listed. All afterburners have adjustable burners. Our PLC-controlled unit will hold a temperature and then turn off and on automatically and provide output to a pointer for documentation. Our set point controlled unit can be upgraded to be fired only when the roaster is loaded and to turn off when the roaster is empty. Normally for $500 depending on your roaster's needs

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