One Pound Sample Roaster

At last, a safe and easy to use sample roaster that you can afford.

100% US Made.
Roaster weighs from three ounces to just over one pound in 10-12 minutes.
Watlow temperature controller with "J" type bean probe. On and Off burner switch.
Automatic gas valve and automatic lighting cast iron burner.
Bean tester, sight glass and green bean hopper with drop handle.
Operates just like a conventional batch roaster.
Stainless steel base and stand
Two barrel models available soon.
Data logging to PC or PLC control is available.
Semi-automatic operation.
Natural Gas or Propane operation.
110 volt 60 cycle 15 amp circuit required.
Approved Gas Control System.
5000 Btu's max.
Weight 88 pounds, 175 pounds crated.
17 inches wide, 23 inches deep, 37 inches tall.
Speed controlled fan for air flow control while roasting.


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