Welcome to US Roaster Corp

US Roaster Corp has proudly served the roasting industry for more than 33 years.

Centrally located in Oklahoma City, you will find a staff of more than 27 highly experienced employees who work tirelessly to improve the design, roasting and fabrication process. 

"Our group of dedicated professionals work with small start–up companies to large industry leading corporations to provide them with roasters to complete their production plant," said Dan Jolliff, owner of US Roaster Corp.

With many decades of building and rebuilding many types of roasters, we have found from the ground up what it takes to build the best equipment and the most durable machines for our customers.

No other manufacture provides an easy-to-use full control over the roaster like US Roaster Corp.

US Roaster Corp specializes in new roaster fabrication and rebuilding older roasters. US Roaster Corp takes pride in the quality of materials and design concepts used during the construction of roasters.  

To meet the needs of customers, US Roaster Corp offers a 2 year warranty including parts and phone support.

Contact US Roaster Corp today to work with a company interested in your success!